Collection of ‘MMMAC’, Museo Material Minimi d’Arte Contemporanea (Paestum-Capaccio) – “Kàtagma”, 36 x 24 cm – 13.7″ x 9.44″, Mixedmedia on paper, 2023 

Kàtagma.jpg Interior

10 questions with Alberto Ballocca

Interview with Al-Tiba9

al tiba 9

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Installation View, “Braking Symbols” & “Lost Halo” On hold at Gallery suite x Air bnb experience in Turin 

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Gallery of works of art set up inside a B&B to promote the emotional experience of artistic discovery during a tourist or business stay

Curated virtual exhibition


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4. 'CONTASTS' Exhibition Poster with artists' names list, for social media

Private Collection in Italy, “Cleopatra”, 50 x 75 cm – 19.6″ x 27.5″, Mixedmedia on wood, 2022

Cleopatra interior collectors