Official website of the contemporary Italian artist Alberto Ballocca.

Specialized in diachronic approaches on ancient cultures & natural aesthetics.

Fine Art Prints

From the initial vision, to the quick depiction to the sculptural or performative process in the studio.

Find a selection of unique Works on Paper and drafts by Alberto Ballocca.

‘My mission is on my vision. I try to channel it into my work and research of natural aesthetic, capturing that determining fractal elements of a language, a bit like the Hieroglyphic language, like malleable matter, each work communicates with the others in respect to how I envision myself within the environment.’

-Like the death of a star-

Alberto Ballocca in conversation with curator Monique Michel.

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‘Zenone di Elea, mixed media on wood, 2024

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-Sold Out-

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Second work inspired & dedicated to the archeological project Medjehu, Investigating Woodcraft along the Nile.

On view

‘Mitoscopio-m4’ , Mixedmedia on wood.

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Mitoscopio entire image of the artwork

Archaic Egyptian myths cycle of ‘Ennead of Heliopolis’.

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‘Geb’, Oil on canvas

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Geb Entire Artwork on canvas framed.

“If nature is ethical, It provides transformation, which is the ability of fire.”


‘l’Etica del Fuoco’, Clay-based mixedmedia sculpture.

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L'etica del fuoco is a clay-based mixedmedia Sculpture inspired by the Natural element fire.

Displaying ancient cultures & natural aesthetics with Colonna Contemporary Gallery.

‘Island of Pun Project’

On display & for sale via Colonna Contemporary Gallery – 4 Louella Ct, Wayne Philadelphia. U.S.A.

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On view

‘Ark of Knowledge’


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“The Pyramids Texts” are the earliest known corpus of ancient Egyptian religious texts.

Written in hieroglyphics, these texts were carved on the underground walls and sarcophagi of the Saqqara pyramids.”

Private collection in Switzerland


‘The Pyramids Texts’, Mixedmedia on canvas

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The Pyramids Texts. Mixedmedia on canvas.

“As can be seen from inscriptions in ‘The Pyramid Texts’, Egyptians believed that clouds were his bones.”


‘Shu’, Mixedmedia on dust-paper.

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Shu Mixedmedia Artwork on paper

“The Metaphysical Canvas of a Modern Maestro: a journey through artistic evolution.”

My art and biography have been featured on Art Editorial on the last art review. (Osaka, Japan).

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Profile picture of Alberto Ballocca - Contemporary artist featured in the new art book A Like Artist, Released by Al-Tiba 9 Gallery

“This relation between my studies about ancient and archaic cultures and my art practices is similar to that between axioms and theorems.

One deduces the other, but it is not explained with words; it is perceived within the body, mind, and spirit…”

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Artist Painting in his studio an artwork with other ones near him.

“Art and tourism promotes the Italian artistic panorama within tourist facilities. Two Paintings of Alberto Ballocca on hold at the air bnb luxury room in the Metropolitan City of Turin.”

‘Lost Civitas’ & ‘Holograph’, Mixemedia on raw-canvases.

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“Orama in Greek language means ‘Vision’ , Aristotles invented word physiologists to identify people that used to contemplate (envision) Nature aimed to propose and construct the first legislative forms of politics in the ancient Athens city.”


Series of five works of art through which I investigated natural powers and their relationships between humanity and the divine.

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Five artworks of Orama project in the artist' studio.

Inspired by the magical athmospheres of the place & the honorable acquisition of my work on paper ‘Kàtagma’ this last summer by Museo Materiali Minimi d’Arte Contemporanea in Via Porta Sirena 84047 – Capaccio-Paestum (SA) curated by Nuvola Lista, I made an oil version on canvas out of It, aimed to expand the process of transaction from the initial preparatory draft on paper to the approach on canvas.

 Discover ’13th Effort’ , a mixedmedia painting on canvas exhibited in Van Der Plas Gallery (New York).

A depicted story that recalls to the ancient myth of the 12 trials of the Greek hero Hercules.