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Qual'è l'elemento che più ti ispira per creare la tua arte?

“…I am also deeply fascinated by the works of Giorgio de Chirico, C.Y. Twombly, Jean-Michel Basquiat and other more great artists in the scene, like Genesis Tramaine and Xavier Daniels. And a lot of more oriental, afro-futurists and digital incredible artists! My aim is always to find the common energy amongst all of the artists’ works that catch my sight…”

Descrivi il tema dominante del tuo lavoro

“The dominant underlying component of my work is the cyclicality within which various symbolic elements reappear continuously in different forms and shapes, upgraded by my awareness of a looped recollection. There are many subjects in my paintings that represent characters from mythology and philosophy, but the context in which I insert them for the composition is not the one in which they arise in the storytelling. That’s why I could say that sometimes my works carry a ‘metaphysical’ message, which is, in fact, beyond physics as art itself.”

Portaci attraverso il tuo processo creativo

“My process is a door to a metaphysical dimension. Art comes from Greek ‘Techne’, a word Aristotle created as the primordial and subjective awareness about ‘knowing-how-to-do’ something was born. It was referred to the practical manuality linked to an archetypical and mathematical literacy. Within the development of my work, in fact, I experience how real art happens and manifests only when creative impulses procedures and expands the technical approach. I’ll make an example…”